I’ve had a lot of questions lately about what we are up to in Beishezhou.  We are building a new 300L brewery that will soon call the church of Peko its home. The new brewery will consist of a 300L per batch brew house, three fermentation tanks and a bright beer tank for maturation and carbonation.  We will be able to keep our 9 beer and nitro taps flowing without having to rely on our friends in other breweries around PRC except for occasional pre-planned tap take overs. 


We intend to launch our new brew house with our flagship brand, Peko Pale Ale.  Followed by Rye Pale Ale and a fruity Wheat beer. Once these first beers are flowing from the taps we will  follow up with our popular Ginger beer and Demon Ciders. 


Peko Pale Ale
Our Flagship Beer

Build it & they will come. . .

The new brewery has been manufactured and pressure tested and is ready to delivery.  We are still having trouble with our landlord fighting us over our raised floor and drain where the new brewery will sit but we will have it installed soon. 

We will be brewing the nectar of the gods right here in Beishezhou before the end of August and will have the virgin brew for sale at a discount in celebration of our new status of brewing on site.

We are bringing the Holy Grail to the Church of Peko so the parched people of Shenzhen can quench their thirst with the nectar of the gods.

Best Cider brewed in PRC
Best Cider brewed in PRC