French Fries

Potato wedges cut from new potatoes then friend to a crispy golden brown and served with a side of ketchup or chipolte sauce.


Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

6 or 12 drummets deep fried to perfection then bathed in sauce that is both sweet and spicy.  Served with a side of ranch.


Chips & Salsa

Wan tan chips cooked to order with a side of home made red salsa to spice things up.


Hearty Fare

Veggie or Meat Tacos

Pulled pork, pulled beef, pulled chicken taco meat or home made 8 bean chili served with greens and cheese on warm flour or corn tortillas. Served with a side of home made red salsa. Available a la cart or a plate of 3.


Veggie or Meat Burritos

Pulled pork or pulled beef or pulled chicken meat with home made 8 bean & smoked tofu chili wrapped with guacamole, greens and cheese in a 12 inch flour tortilla.  Definitely a 2 fisted burrito.  Served with a side of home made red salsa. Veggie option is minus the meat.


Veggie or Meat Chimichangas

All the fixings of a  2 fisted burritos but made even better by deep frying it.  Served with a side of home made red salsa.  Again, the veggie option is minus the meat.


Nectar of the Gods

Peko Pale Ale

Peko Pale Ale is a hop forward beer brewed from 3 malts to produce a light to moderate mouth feel. Yet it’s refreshing and hoppy to to our liberal se of hops from America’s Northwest. American ale yeast produces subtle hints of fruity esters.


ELLE  -Blonde Ale_

Our tribute to the Blonde version of pale ale; ELLE is a beautiful blonde with an excellent, light to medium-light malty body. Our use of English ale yeast and a reasonable amount of hops give it a slightly fruity and citrus aroma to complement the relatively light body of the beer.


Red 88  -Irish Red Ale-

Red 88 is a laagered version of a typical Irish Red Ale.  Red 88 is a smooth, malty beer with medium body.  It is brewed to only exhibit minimal hop bitterness and aroma which allows the malt character to prevail.  Red 88 is a rich copper to brown color an dis a true lager giving it a crisp finish to juxtapose its malty character.


Demon Cider

With the juice from as many as 6 kids of apples we produce a medium-light bodied, slightly dry and deliciously tart cider.  It is intentionally carbonated to a level between sparkling and still cider so as not to give you a bloated feeling yet keep the bubbles rising in your glass for its duration.


Ginger Beer

Brewed with heaps of fresh ginger and lemons to give it the citrus and ginger flavors you would expect from a summer refresher.  Light and refreshing with a bit of a ginger bite on the tongue.   


Oatmeal Stout

Dark and delicious.  Full of roasted malt flavors and smooth as it gets.  This ain’t no dry bitter bomb, this is creamy and chocolaty and easy drinking down to the last drop.


SZ Sour

If you like sour beers you will love this.  Mash soured the old fashioned way then fermented at lager temperatures to make this a crystal clear beer.


English Strong Ale

This is barley wine’s little brother.  Brewed to be malty and a little bit bitter.  Using English ale yeast and traditional English hops to give it mild esters and earthy hop characteristics.   A wee heavy at a little over 9% abv. 


Rye Pale Ale

A classic IPA with a touch of spice from the rye.  Brewed with English ale yeast and American hops to give it that west coast IPA character to go with the undertones of rye.


Pumpkin Saison

Made from freshly roasted Shenzhen pumpkins.  Lots of them.  Mashed with the pumpkin and mash soured the traditional farm house method to give it a touch of sourness to balance the sweetness of the pumpkin.  Fermented at lager temperatures to make this a crystal clear beer.


Memorial Citra IPL

Citra India Pale Lager is everything you would expect from an IPA but from a lager instead.  So, it is bitter, malty and loaded with hop aromas but showing the classic crisp finish of a lager. Brewed in memory of our departed friend John Kerr.


BTB Lager

Better Than Bud Lager is one of our favorite beers.  It is a throwback to American re-prohibition pilsner beers.  It is light and refreshing yet has a great deal of flavor and aroma you won’t find in modern day mega beers. 


English Mild

Traditional English mild brewed with English ale yeast and English hops to give flavors and aromas reminiscent of Manchester.  Hints of caramel and roast make this a great beer served on Nitro.