About Us


Changing Seasonal Menu

There’s always something new to try

We keep at least 4 favorites on tap at all times and have rotating seasonal selections on offer.  You will have mostly American and English Ales to choose from with an occasional Lager to add variety.  You might have a light easy drinking beer available in teh hot summer months and find a hearty stout or a strong ale as a winter warmer. 

All our beers and ciders are vegan and our kitchen has a few vegetarian menu items on offer as well.  We even have 2 gluten free beverages if you are gluten intolerant. 

Whatever your drinking or dining needs are we can provide the best al fresco dinning in the area. 

Meet Our Team

The Pope of Peko and Paladin of pours

Our head brewer, Hoss; the Pope of Peko has more than 24 years of experience creating great beers of various styles using all natural ingredients & never using artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Our bar manager, Mei; the Paladin of Pours is relatively new to craft beer but is eager to learn and equally excited to share what she has learned with her customers. 

All of our Acolytes are trained to appreciate and experience beer for its various characteristics depending on the style.  If you like hoppy beers or malty beers you can ask them and they will point you in the right direction.  If you require gluten free options they can show you a few choices there too.